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Too Many Absurdities

These days I find it hard to “believe” in things that are patently absurd.

I could probably believe in a limited amount of absurdity if there was good reason or some evidence to do so. I might be able to believe that a virgin conceived a child if there was reliable evidence recorded at the time of the event by credible witnesses. I can also think of many strange, hypothetical circumstances that would lend evidence to such a “miracle.”

There are some things that I can believe.

I can believe a man named Jesus was born in the first century who had a close and special relationship with God (assuming arguendo there is a god). I can believe this man traveled, evangelized, started a movement and was sentenced to death. I don’t have any problem with that per se. I can believe there have been many peaceable, wise, spiritual people to walk this earth. Assuming the existence of a supreme God, I could believe such a God started the process of creation.

However, to believe that God made a mud pie in the shape of a human and then blew magic breath into it and the figure came to life? 

This pushes my rational mind too far.  I cannot permanently suspend my disbelief on this one. I just can’t do it, as I can’t believe that somewhere an Italian boy named Pinocchio began his life as a wooden puppet or that near Hansel and Gretel’s home there really was a cottage made of gingerbread and candy.

Even if I could believe the following: that a virgin gave birth to Jesus, whose father was the Holy Spirit, and Jesus was half-God, caused miracles, explained the wisdom of God to us, was crucified, rose again and then ascended into heaven in front of his disciples; there is no contemporaneous evidence that any of these things actually happened.



Summer Update

I haven’t had much time to write. Ok. I will be honest. I NEVER have ANY time to write!

Since I am a SAHM of two young children it is next to impossible to write on the computer. If I sit down at the computer, two adorable monkey-like creatures begin climbing me as if I am a jungle gym. The preschooler tries to sneak the mouse away to click to the Disney Princess website while the 9 month old wants to bang on the keyboard, pull everything off of the desk and conduct pummeling experiments with the objects. Both kids compete for space on my lap, the office chair and desk surface.  It is not very comfortable for the three of us to sit in one office chair while the preschooler tries to turn us in circles, the infant tries to eat the mouse, cords and printer and climb onto the desk while the mom tries to check twitter and hopes that one of the kids doesn’t fall to the ground as a crying, injured mess!

It is summer too! Or rather, it WAS summer. So I tried to do the most important things in life, which is to take care of and spend time with my kids, rather than blog the often half-baked religious musings, complaints and rantings of my inner mind. And we had a great summer!  The preschooler attended dance camp, soccer camp and swimming lessons.  We went to the local water park twice, once with family friends and once with just our family.  At 9 months, our infant learned how to do the army crawl, though some said it looked like he was doing the butterfly crawl!  He also pulled himself to standing and tried to climb every structure in sight!  He learned how to climb onto the couch, then to the top of the couch, then to the stair railing!

During the summer I have tried to read a few books!  I am still reading five books at a time with a book list of others in my head! I’ve received many good recommendations for other books as well.  (I plan to start a book list page! See sidebar!)

I am reading “The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails” edited by John Loftus. It is wonderful. I think every Christian should read it!!!! I am also reading “Godless: How an Evangelical Preacher Became One of America’s Leading Atheists” by Dan Barker. I recommend it though it is not as scholarly as “The Christian Delusion” but it does explain Barker’s personal loss of faith and points out many flaws in Evangelical Christianity.


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