My Crazy Journey in Search of God, Faith, Reason & Truth

About Me: Spiritual Journey

I have been on a long religious journey.  I grew up in a nonreligious or nominally Catholic family, with early influence from Social Justice Catholic churches.  As a teenager I felt that I had become “lost” in the world to sin.  As a result, I fled to the other extreme, becoming “radically born again” and with the help of my church, was instantaneously transformed into an “on-fire” charismatic/ Evangelical/ fundamentalist campus evangelist which lasted for about 5 years, at least at my “fiery-ist.”

In the next 10 years or so I matured as a Christian and as a human.  Due to that maturity, as well as to the  witnessing many examples of hypocrisy, inaccuracies and evils related to Christian fundamentalism and the Christian Right (culturally, institutionally & politically) I grew increasingly more disillusioned with the Christian right and fundamentalism.  After that I worked on trying to find out how to love God and love others.

I have worn so many different labels in my life.  When I started this blog, I described myself as post-evangelical or a “recovering fundamentalist.”  Since then, I have done a lot of thinking, reading, praying and a little crying and dying inside, but have also felt growing peace and freedom.  Today I feel like a Skeptical Christian or possibly a Christian Humanist, but I don’t know where I will be tomorrow. Welcome to my journey.

Christianity, Religion, Finding and Staying at peace with God, Figuring out the nature of our life and existence on this planet are a few of my mini obsessions.

And last, and certainly not least, I am a professional, who is currently staying at home raising children.  I am a wife and a mother and I love being both of those things.


Comments on: "About Me: Spiritual Journey" (3)

  1. Your husband has failed you and God for allowing this to happen. A true spiritual leader would make you to believe, even by force. His weakness has cost you your soul–and his!!!

  2. stuartblessman said:

    Did you go to school in the Midwest? If so, I probably went to the same church as you…

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